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Bright Stars Children's Center is greatly honored to receive such praises and heartwarming compliments from our previous and current clients.
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Second location coming soon in East Bay, Concord CA

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Tuition Information

Statements will be delivered on the 26th of each month and payment is due on the 5th day of each month. Payments received after the 5th day of the month will incur a $15.00 late fee. Payment received after the 10th business day of the month will incur an extra late charge of $15.00 per day, up to 30 days. A 30-day written notice will be provided if there are any changes in tuition rates. Withdrawal: BSC requires written notification at least 30 days in advance when a child is to be withdrawn from school or when a child’s schedule will change significantly. We do not pro-rate the last month of tuition. A full month will be charged if a child is withdrawn from the program without completing the full month. The deposit paid upon admission will be returned to parents on the last day of the child’s attendance or applied towards the last month of tuition.