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Bright Stars Children's Center is greatly honored to receive such praises and heartwarming compliments from our previous and current clients.
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imageEvery child has their own unique skills and potentials. While they are still young they have to develop their capability of doing good things. At Bright Stars Children’s Center, we make sure that your child’s experience at our school are meaningful, rewarding and substantial.

Your child will have fun adventures with the following:

Phonics Adventures

This helps children develop his/her literacy through phonics, language, letters and sounds. They will be able to read books, play word games and activity cards. Your child will appreciate the basics of vowels and blending syllables.

Music Adventures

Study shows that if a child will have an early exposure to music, it helps them to be creative, improve their reasoning and express themselves. They will be able to learn vocal melodies, variety of musical genres and instruments.

Math Adventures

Math helps children enhance their critical thinking. At a young age, they need to develop their logic. They will be able to learn how to add, substract, multiply and count money.


We provide any different art activity as a oil painting , every day coloring and more.

For inquiries, please call 415-310-7543. You may also set an appointment with us to get a personal introduction of our programs.